Charge Made Good – CMG
Revolutionising yacht systems to harness unlimited power

Charge Made Good is a whole new approach to yacht design. Thanks to smart energy systems you will never again need think about power or water usage and supply aboard. Savour land-living standards on the open ocean, or profit from Atlantic crossings in trades within 15 days instead of 20. 
We are developing a new type of global exploration vessel with unlimited range and unprecedented comfort by using the power of wind, sun, and a GNSS-powered algorithm.

A safe, zero emissions vessel, utilizing the CMG algorithm to bring land-living standards to the open ocean with low operational costs.

Target market
CMG seeks to catalyze a technological shift in yacht design.

Space connection
The space connection is absolutely central to this project. The use of space-based information and services for navigation, communication, and weather forecasts is crucial for the functionality of the vessel, the design philosophy, and the project as a whole. CMG partners will profit from space-based data streams for the algorithmic calculation of their 'CMG'. They will use globally gathered information to plan their voyage, define their arrival time, and precalculate the used and produced energy and water en route.

Man with beard and glasses wearing a suit standing in front of a tree
Andrew Cass

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