Unlocking the potential of blockchain for financial portfolios

The digital asset management industry, that has emerged in recent years, is lacking automation. That turns asset managers' job into a vicious cycle of manual repetitive tasks, making them miss out on true things that matter: trying out new strategies & optimizing customers' portfolios.

ChainBrain simplifies cryptocurrency portfolio management. Our software efficiently adjusts investments across both centralized and decentralized platforms. Its automated rebalancing feature helps asset managers maintain their desired investment strategy with minimal effort. It saves costs, reduces manual workload, and allows professionals to focus on the core part of their job — strategic decision-making.


Christian Unger
Dominik Stiftinger-Lang
Christoph Schögler
Ksenia Koller
Michael Gombocz
Markus Gombocz
Michael Wahlhütter
Alexander Aigner
Alexander Hirschmann


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