Blue Planet Ecosystems
We turn sunlight into seafood

We enable the production of sustainable seafood in urban and desert environments by replicating natural aquatic ecosystems in a modular and automated system called LARA - Land-based Automated Recirculating Aquaculture. With the help of sunlight, LARA converts CO2 directly into organic, chemically unimpaired seafood using phyto- and zooplankton as intermediary stages. This unique way of Aquaculture combines biology, energy engineering and computer science to ultimately decouple the production of animal protein from the ocean and from agricultural supply chains. By automating animal husbandry using IoT Internet of Things, machine learning and computer vision, capital and human resource costs are reduced significantly and create a highly scalable “plug and play” aquaculture system. The high degree of autonomy prevents the contamination of the end product seafood from microplastics, pesticides and any other environmental contamination. We strive to develop a hybrid business model by selling the hardware, Software as a Service and Biology as a Service to farmers, agriculture businesses a.o. to diversify existing farming methods in the face of climate change. The ultimate goal is to produce affordable, sustainable and healthy seafood close to the consumer on any piece of land. Therefore, creating a highly valuable product for society and the environment.

We turn sunlight into seafood and use the power of nature without exploiting it.

Target market
Our customers are farmers, agro-industrial companies, retailers, entrepreneurs, airlines, governments, investors and any organization that wants to produce organic, sustainable seafood close to end-consumers.

Space connection
To cite ESA: "Blue Planet Ecosystems offers a sustainable, globally applicable option for the economical production of protein by means of space technology."

Team Blue Planet Ecosystems

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