First invisible and effective bird collision prevention for the global multi billion dollar glass industry

We develop a transparent, high-tech window coating to save billions of birds worldwide from deadly collisions with glass surfaces of buildings. The need to make windows safe for birds is growing drastically due to increasing legislation. The solutions available on the market are either not effective against bird window collisions or affect the transparency of the glass massively. Our solution is based on the bird’s ability to see UV light which is part of the light spectra that is not visible for humans.

BirdShades has unique and innovate know-how in avian behavior and surface coating. We create highly effective coatings, which are transparent to the human eye, but highly visible for birds – with an avoidance rate of up to 90%.

Target Market
Our customers are private and government owned property owners.

Space Connection
The space connection is a technology transfer request as ESA also works on UVA-stable coatings, but in a totally different setting which can be integrated in BirdShades technology.

Woman and man sitting on a path made of stones in the sun
Team BirdShades (Dominique Waddoup, Christoph Cerny)

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