The energy revolution with BionShift: we convert surplus green electricity and solid biomass residues into high quality green gas to substitute fossil natural gas.

With our modular BionShift technology, we can produce a green gas at low cost using surplus green electricity and biomass, on a demand-driven basis at all size scales. This enables decentralized, local and efficient green energy production, similar to a PV system.
Our technology is able to produce a nitrogen and tar free high quality green gas that can be directly fed into the existing natural gas grid. Again, like PV, it feeds into the grid to transport the energy in a highly efficient way. But gas has a big advantage here. Once it is in the grid it can be easily and highly efficiently stored, even for months at a time. So, we can shift surplus energy production from the summer to the energy demanding winter months.
Natural gas is an important energy source that cannot simply be replaced, especially in industry. With our disruptive technology, we have an economical solution that makes a rapid phase-out of fossil energy possible. Join us on our mission and get in touch with us.


1) Nitrogen and tar free, high quality gas
2) Every biomass quality usable, also straw and miscanthus
3) Dynamic, autonomous operation

Target market

Green gas for industrial partners, energy storage technology for power grid operators, and energy security for local communities.

Space connection

Know-how from space tech in ceramics and other high performance materials that operate stable at elevated temperatures, reuse production technologies for high precision elements from the space sector and integrate earth observation data into our certification system.


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