Beetle ForTech
The solution to seamless round wood traceability

The use of wood is one of the keys to a society free of petroleum-based or energy-intensive products. In order to unleash its climate-positive potential, tamper-proof traceability must be ensured. 

We have thus developed a timber traceability solution that comprises two dimensions: monitoring and tracing. Our smart handheld and location-aware tagging device makes it possible to trace individual logs back to their exact growing location. The device collects GNSS and environmental data for every single harvested tree, which is then encrypted and uploaded to a cloud system. The encoded logs are read by industrial computer vision processors to ensure responsibly produced end-products. This in-situ tracing system is operated alongside an interconnected Earth observation tool to monitor logging activities and forest health and validate the legal authenticity of timber.

By this, we shed light on the gap between forest and processing, enabling end consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Team Beetle ForTech

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