AnyConcept develops an intelligent automation software to revolutionize office work and free employees from monotonous tasks.

Our product is an automation software that allows to automate processes/workflows on the PC in a simple and intuitive way. Ideal processes for automation are standardized, rule-based, repetitive and mean a lot of manual work for operators, who could invest their time in more value-adding work. As example: the transfer of information from applications (e.g.: Excel) to systems (e.g.: ERP) and vice versa.

The technological basis of the product is an AI, trained with Reinforcement Learning, which understands the screen content of a PC and recognises, for example, what an Internet browser, an input field, an Excel cell, a login button or even a mouse click or a certain key is and means. This basis enables employees without programming knowledge to automate tedious and monotonous work that would otherwise not be automated due to feasibility or cost reasons. Thus, they can focus on value-adding and creative activities.

black and white photo of team, 4 young men in shirts
Team AnyConcept

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