Tackling the biggest challenges of the Green Energy Transition thanks to Alternative Big Unstructured Data and SpaceTech.

AlphaEdge software leverage sources like Satellite Earth Observation, Internet of Things and Meteo nowcast to provide, by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence algorithms, strategic deep-tech insights for Energy Management, Asset Management, Risk and Insurance stakeholders.

The product provides four different solutions:

  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT. Big Unstructured Data leveraging alternative data and AI platform for real-time forecasting, nowcasting and automated Smart Energy system optimization.
  • SYSTEM FLEXIBILITY. Real-time nowcasting and forecasting to foster Demand Response mechanisms for the efficient use of Decentralized Flexible assets like Electric Vehicles and behind-the-meter batteries.
  • ALTERNATIVE DATA.Optimized and accessible alternative and Big Unstructured Data platform to the whole energy value chain.
  • NEW ENERGY SYSTEMS. Fully digital energy systems with multi-directional and highly integrated flows to support the green energy transition.

The platform that provides the most extensive Big Unstructured Data insights and forecasting for the Green Energy Sector.

Target Market 
Our target market comprehends two categories: the big data analytics market and the renewable energy market. We are addressing the market of the enabling IT services in the energy sector, which is expected to be worth 860B€ in 2025.

Space Connection
AlphaEdge is connected with the space environment by using unstructured data sources such as Earth Observation satellites, more specifically restrained and auxiliary satellite data such as satellite images, SAR sensor data, 37-85GHz brightness temperature.

Mockup of five team members, fur men, one woman, in laptop monitors.
Team Alphaedge


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