2nd Cycle
We develop a fully automated upcycling system that cost-effectively transforms used solar modules into an ecologically and circularly beneficial second life.

The installation of photovoltaic systems is booming. Worldwide, more than 4 billion solar panels have already been installed. If you were to line up these panels, the fictional chain would circle the equator 150 times, and the number continues to grow steadily. In the coming years, the number of solar panels reaching the end of their first lifecycle will increase exponentially. Studies show that a large proportion of these modules are suitable for a second lifecycle.

2nd Cycle, a Green Tech start-up from Lower Austria, addresses exactly this problem. The company is developing a fully automated system that enables cost-effective refurbishing of used solar panels. The process includes cleaning, comprehensive performance and electrical safety checks, and minor repairs to the solar panels. At the end of the process, a tested solar panel, including a test protocol and performance guarantee, is ready for an ecologically and circularly beneficial second lifecycle. This extends the lifecycle of a solar panel, optimizes resource use, and strengthens the circular economy in the solar industry.


Our unique advantage is a fully automated process that transforms used solar modules into an ecologically valuable second life with 80% lower costs and higher quality compared to manual upcycling.

Target market

Our target market includes recycling and refurbishing companies, as well as solar park operators, who can benefit from our cost-effective and high-quality solution for upcycling used solar modules.

Space connection

Our "Space Connection" leverages an ESA patent for PV module inspection and includes research on efficiency and condition monitoring of PV parks using satellite data.


DI Simon Prüller, Ing. Gerald Eichler, DI Michael Prüller, DI Simon Schauppenlehner, DI Jakob Anger, DI Michael Altrichter

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