14 — 11 — 2022
Research Intern (all genders)
  • Student assistant
  • Internship

DLTEO GmbH is a startup incubated in ESA BIC Austria, building a one-stop shop for the Earth Observation data derivative.

As an autonomous dApp built on multiple permissionless blockchains and protocols, we build a bridge reducing friction among EO service providers, application developers and end users via smart contract, data mining transpiler and cutting edge cryptography, we created a new serverless, scalable, decentralized fusion-computing paradigm enabling customized secondary EO digital assets to be processed and traded transparently yet privately in a quasi-real-time, from the birth to the end, enabling the exponential growth of EO market.

We are looking for a student:

  • Have solid skills and knowledge in C++/Rust and/or interested in learning:
    • Rust
    • JavaScript/Solidity
    • Move

  • Minimum 7 hours/week availability
  • Solid math background will be a super plus
  • Native German speaker is a plus
  • Also willing to collaborate write technical specifications and contribute to the writing of the grant documents including for local government relationship
  • Interested in academic research and willing to read cutting edge academic papers in interdisciplinarity
  • If you know anything about:
    • WASM
    • LLVM
    • Compiler design/optimization
    • Modern Cryptography
    • Blockchain
    • Or even FPGA/RISCV Asics

That would be a super plus!

What we offer:

  • Freelancing / fixed part-time with possibility of engaging full time
  • Knowledge and skills in blockchain and EO technologies
  • complete or hybrid WFH
  • experience, know-how, investor-network if you want to build your own start-up
  • complete reimbursement for top hackathons/academic conferences of the industry worldwide
  • opportunities to attend femtech programs
  • thesis project 
  • work with professors from different universities and professionals from industry directly
  • salary: minimum 15 euro/hour

If you are interested, please contact us at nohrplease@dlteo.com

About the startup

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