• 30 — 09 — 2021 to 01 — 10 — 2021
  • Graz, Austria
Fifteen Seconds Festival

Festival goes urban: our concept for

Fifteen Seconds Festival is moving into the heart of the city this year and is going to take place on 30 September and 1 October, 2021, on and around Schlossberg, Graz’s iconic castle hill. Ticket sales start on 1 July 2021.

Sticking with the original festival date, 10 and 11 June, would not be possible due to the current pandemic development as well as the lack of rules and regulations for event organizers—put simply, it wouldn’t have made sense in many respects to go through with it. Importantly, this was also a conscious decision against making everyone who has already bought a ticket wait even longer for concrete information, and risking having to cancel the event on short notice.

Instead, we have secured some of the most beautiful locations around Graz’s most famous landmark (that, of course, being the Uhrturm clocktower) and we are pitting on on lots of open-air venues and a sunny fall here in Graz, as well as rapid testing of all participants before and during the festival. On top of that, we’re going to enable participants to move more freely and less dependent on location, making our content more accessible than ever.

We are also planning to adopt a hybrid event concept for parts of the festival. In true Fifteen Seconds fashion, it is our goal to make these hybrid elements a “best of both worlds”-kind of experience instead of just giving you “more of the same.” Among other things, you can expect a new and creative keynote format featuring speakers who cannot come to Austria due to travel restrictions. The coming weeks and months will show exactly how many speakers that will affect; in general, we expect many of our speakers to be personally present on our stages.

Taking all this into consideration, our goal is to curate the most exciting lineup in Europe for you. In terms of content, that means continuing on the path we have already set for ourselves and putting together a program that is going to feature the brightest minds from a wide range of disciplines in the areas of business, innovation, and creativity and provide them—and you—with a platform to exchange ideas.

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