BAVERTIS has developed a breakthrough solution combining latest semiconductor technology and AI-based software to extend the life of electric vehicle battery packs by 80%, while enabling them to be reused in new applications through a simple software update, unlocking the future of circular batteries in mobility!

The team at BAVERTIS has developed an innovative software and hardware solution that represents a significant step forward in extending the life of batteries used in electric vehicles. This solution generates its own high quality battery data, which is then analysed in real time. The ability to optimise the dynamic switching of battery cells creates what is known as an AC battery. This technology not only significantly extends battery life, but also makes it much easier to reuse used battery packs. This forward-looking approach makes a significant contribution to conserving resources and reducing waste, thereby enhancing the sustainability of electric mobility.

BAVERTIS' far-reaching vision is to create a data-driven battery ecosystem that facilitates the efficient, sustainable and circular use of battery cells in mobility!


Lukas Pertoll, Georg Jocher, Niclas Lehnert, Michael Hohenegger, Lukas Obkircher, Dr. Manuel Kuder, Ines Liehr, Antonio Oliveira, Jonas Walter

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