ESA BIC Austria Open Call

Launch your business with space
Grab your chance and apply until 27.10.2020
Thank you for your applications!
Your journey to incubation
launches here!
We look for:
Entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, researchers and students seeking to create or boost their businesses by using space technology, data or systems and generate impact on Earth.

Eligibility criteria:
• Clear space connection (Not sure you have one? Take a look at our guidelines)
• Companies up to 5 years old or natural persons
• (for companies) Legal representatives hold more than 50% of the capital voting rights
• Availability to locate the business in Styria or in Lower Austria

Application process:
This helps us evaluate your project based on European standardised criteria including the space connection and business and technical feasibility. Your idea should be innovative, technology-driven, scalable and implemented by an ambitious team! Check the evaluation criteria in the Open Call documents below!

Next application deadline:
27th of October 2020, 5pm
  1. Download and fill in documents
    Complete and sign the application documents found to the left (Open Call Documents). Should any question arise (don’t worry, this is rather usual!) do not hesitate to contact us at! We are available to provide clarifications on any question (e.g. eligibility, content, funding).
  2. Submit application
    The signed Business Application Proposal documents should be digitally submitted to and the original hardcopy should be sent by post to ESA BIC Austria (Stremayrgasse 16/IV, to the attention of ESA BIC Austria Management – Open Call), both the latest on the submission deadline.
  3. Evaluation
    Once your application has been received the Tender Opening Board (TOB) will check your proposal’s admissibility to the Call and, if successful, you will be invited to present at the Tender Evaluation Board (TEB), where your proposal’s content will be evaluated.
  4. Join our space community
    If successful at the TEB, you will be invited to join our incubation programme. We will send you the contracts to sign and welcome you onboard!
Where is your space connection?
Space is the starting point to generate your business idea or to bring the innovative edge your company is searching for!
In the scope of its space missions, the European Space Agency (ESA) develops and supports the development of a myriad of technologies, systems, data sets, methods, patents, etc.. The interesting part is that the life of these assets does not end, but starts in space! Yes, behind these assets lies an enormous “reuse” potential which is accessible to you, as an entrepreneur, researcher, student or company.

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